About Us

Green Herb Hemp Company was founded in 2016 by owners Kory White and Lisa Dulac who are partners in life and in business. Green Herb Hemp Company has been providing high-quality cannabis and cannabis products to medical cannabis patients throughout Maine for the past three years. We genuinely believe in the transformative power of natural plant medicines and holistic medical care and we have committed our lives to bringing that power to healing others

We have built Green Herb Hemp Company on a solid foundation by maintaining the highest standards of cannabis cultivation and extractions using 100% organic practices. Both Lisa and Kory have earned their certifications in cannabis science and medicine from the University of Vermont School of Medicine. This education has given the team an in-depth understanding of the medical cannabis dosing; how cannabis affects the body and how the body reacts to cannabis; the pharmacology of cannabinoids and terpenes and the best indicators for their clinical use, the toxicology of cannabis and cannabis-based products and the benefits and risks of medical cannabis. Using this knowledge, we constantly review and assess current evidence of the safety and efficiency of cannabis and cannabis-based products so that we may provide the safest most efficient medicine possible to those who receive our product.

Meet The Team

Kory White, EO, Founder, Master Grower / Extractor

Kory has been cultivating cannabis both indoors and out for the past nine years. He has a solid foundation in organic growing and all of his practices adhere to those principles. He has been extracting cannabis/hemp oil for the past eight years specializing in ethanol-based extractions. He has participated in the Certificate Program for the Cannabis Science and Medicine from the University of Vermont Medical School and through many years has acquired extensive knowledge in the subjects of hemp and cannabis cultivation, extraction and business.

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Lisa Dulac, VP, Co Founder, Caregiver

Lisa has a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and has been practicing for 12 years at her clinic in Portland, Maine. She also earned a Professional Certificate in Cannabis Science and Medicine from the University of Vermont Medical School. Her knowledge of the human body and herbal medicine gives us a unique combination of knowledge and experience that sets us apart from others in the hemp and cannabis industry.

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